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De Niro is from a generation where this tended to raise a few eyebrows. For some reason, when I learn about a white guy's attraction to black women, it makes him seem more appealing to me. He's a strange looking dude, but if he invited me over for a little sum'n-sum'n, I wouldn't say no. But when you see somebody, of any race or either gender, dating exclusively outside of their own race you have to start wondering if they're dating individuals or dating the race. Rod Stewart seems to exclusively hook up with blondes.

Coupled with the fact that he is pretty much world famous and has been for decades, I can see where this would be an interesting factoid to some people. De Niro just finds a different kind of woman attractive. This was in 1981, in a conservative Christian college in Nashville, and the race thing was never a problem because we saw each other as individuals with a lot of common interests -- neither of us were trained to think of things in racial terms.

Robert adopted Diahnne's daughter Drena from a previous relationship.

In February 1998, De Niro was questioned if he was involved in a prostitution racket.

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How about if a guy marries women of different colors with huge boobies? Seriously, does anybody care when a white man marries two blonde women and has a baby with anther blonde woman? I don't think anybody cares in the sense they think it's a bad thing. I have no issues with white men dating black women (or Asian women).

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